global warming

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Desiree Rios
Honors, English 9 Period: 3
Mr. Leon
. 10 September 2014 Has it came to affect us Global warming is not coming, it’s here. Many strange things are happening. The seasons are changing, rainstorms are becoming more intense, sea levels are rising, mighty glaciers are receding, the permafrost (by definition, the permanently frozen subsoil in the Polar Regions) is thawing, trees are flowering earlier, and insects are emerging sooner, and so on. “Bob Herbert” and “Robert Cooke” provide evidence in there articles in order to convince him or her whether we are now experiencing serious global warming. Although, Bob Herbert in his article “Rising Tides”, and Robert Cooke in his article “An Arctic Floe of Climate Question”, are both very persuasive arguments Robert Cooke provides a more believable argument.
Robert Cooke’s article “An Arctic Floe of Climate Question” presents a more reasonable argument. In Robert Cooke’s article he wants to prove that global warming has really begun and it is affecting us humans. The author provides strong evidence in the following statement, “A recent University of Wisconsin study has shown that in the Northern Hemisphere many of the rivers and lakes that freeze are doing so later—by 8.7 days—than they did more than a century ago” (Cooke 11). In other words, it’s stating a cause of global warming which is that rivers and lakes are taking a longer period to unfreeze than they did before. Another example of strong evidence is this, “Temperature records also show, clearly that globally temperatures have gone up by about 3 degrees Fahrenheit in the past 150 years, or since temperatures have been recorded” (Herbert 11). On the other hand, it’s telling us general cause of global warming which are temperatures has gone up in the past years. Even though, these are very convincing facts one weakness this article has is, “So we can’t say it is something that was unprecedented.”…