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Subject: Overcoming Homosexuality at workplace:
Definition: Homosexuality at workplace:
Homosexuality describes attraction or falling in love or affection to another person from the same sex as a sign of moral deficiency. There is not a scientific explanation for homosexuality yet. There are 2 same-sex orientation in homosexuality: Gay ( a man who has a emotional or sexual attraction to another man ) & Lesbian ( a woman who has emotional or sexual attraction to another women ).
Homosexuality at work has been noticed in several countries and has not been yet protected by Law. Many countries and American states has legalized same-sex marriage but the same people can be fired anytime. Pillars:
Discrimination: Discrimination is when a person is treated less favorable because of his race, sex, religion, beliefs, sexual orientation. Homosexuality discrimination is when a person is being neglected or rejected because of his sexual-orientation. At work, if an individual has been known as a homosexual, so companies might not interview him or if he/she is already employed then some can be fired. An employer might have fears of his employee being gay or lesbian so the employer might change his attitude towards his employee.
Homophobia: Homophobia is the term used to express the dread of heterosexuals ( straight people ) to be near or in contact with any homosexual individual. Homophobia is popular everywhere and homophobic people have issues working with homosexual people which can lead to conflicts between coworkers which can decrease the work productivity and efficiency and increase costs to solve agency problems by team building and other expensive trainings.
Advantages & Disadvantages of Process: How can we overcome homosexual problems at workplace between workforce
Anchoring: it’s the process that…