George Washington

Posted by admin on December 18, 2017 in Articles

George Washington George Washington was many things in his life and the authors seem to agree with the ideals that he could almost be looked up to as a god. I believe Washington was a great influence in our history and deserves recognition but not quite god like. People praised him before he was even president and was a great chief on the battle field. His ability to gain peoples trust and respect was one of his biggest strengths.
Washington was an autocratic leader because he dictated his army’s action and demanded what they did, when they did it, and how which resulted in many wins. Throughout history many autocratic let this power get to their head but Washington was able to use it to win instead and that is part of why the people chose him for presidency later on. While he didn’t let the power get to him one of his weaknesses was the fame. So much praise for one person can get to their heads any many greats have fallen from their big ego. He was strong headed and didn’t think before he acted and would risk lives if he felt his plan was solid. But his strengths as a leader and ability to control power overcame his weakness to the public because he was their hope at the time.
Back then there was a need to look up to him as a moral compass or father figure because there was no hope and no organization which is what the people needed. Present day the need is no longer there because he represented the republican virtue and inhabited all the ideals that came with that. As a nation we have evolved from one mind set and created multiple political view which has helped the people grow and make living a possibility. Over the year’s virtues have weakened and there are no set rules that say what is right and wrong. This can be argued as a good or bad thing but the need to idealize one person isn’t the answer anymore.
At this time in my life I have not visited Mount Vernon or the Washington Monument but I plan to do so before I die. I think to this…