gender issue

Posted by admin on January 11, 2018 in Articles

Gender inequality has been a serious issue within society since the beginning of time. This issue was greatly noticed and voiced about during the 1900s but has greatly narrowed now in 2009. Gender issues has created segregation among men and women and noticeably caused unequal treatment. Women have suffered unequal treatment by lower wages than men, discrimination at jobs and even as early as the 1900s, unequal rights. During the 1900s, women did not have a voice. They were forced to go without an education and to perform menial tasks such as household duties. The following articles “Chinese Feminist Condemns Injustices to Women”, “Industrialization and Women’s Freedom in Egypt” and “Women Earn Less than Men, Especially at the Top” discuss the unequal treatment of women dating from the 1900s to currently, 2009.
“Chinese Feminist Condemns Injustices to Women” focuses primarily on the injustices of women in China in the 1900s. In this article, Qiu Jin takes readers on a journey showcasing the inequalities suffered by women such as fathers binding their young daughter’s feet so she had a better chance of marrying into a rich and powerful family. Fathers did not ask their daughters of their aspirations during this time period in China. They used their daughters as pawns to marry into money, if they did not kill them at birth. Many men, especially fathers of young girls found them to be useless and bad luck. She compared the treatment of young girls in china to the treatment of black slaves in Africa. Jin encouraged men and women to put aside their hatred and opinions to create a better society. She gave advice to women on how to better…