Gas fired hot water boiler heating temperature

Posted by admin on January 16, 2018 in Articles

Gas fired hot water boiler heating temperature
In recent years,more and more users choose gas hot water boiler for heating,in the process of gas hot water boiler heating,the situation of heating temperature uniformity will occur,to solve this problem,we will analyze the following aspects to help us maintain the uniform temperature of each area in gas hot water boiler heating process.
The impact of heating system on district heating temperature
Geothermal coil is too long.Decorate personnel specifically increase the number of coil turns to increase the area of geothermal heat dissipation,which will cause the circulating water flow resistance increase, resulting in poor water flow.
Gas hot water boiler outdoor heating pipes design or construction defects exist.The thickness of outdoor gas hot water boiler heating pipes are calculated based on the heating area and floor height,some designers lacking experience,or shoddy construction will cause that the whole building circulating water flow is not enough.
Home heating uneven temperature causes analysis
A relatively large heat transfer between households leads to not high room temperature.Upstairs downstairs full supply stop will cause the room temperature to reduce 3-4 ?,only upstairs or downstairs supply stop,it will lead to that the room temperature reduces about 2 ?.
Heating design has flaws.Many people think that the more home radiators,the warmer home will be,which is wrong,too much radiator will cause too large water flow resistance,resulting in poor circulation,which will lower the room temperature.
Disorderly changing the heating leads to the reduction of room temperature.This situation is more common, such as increasing the radiator on the balcony and in the living room, water resistance increases results in poor water flow.
No matter the uneven heating temperature is caused by the heating system,or residents homes,we should try our best to avoid the above problems,to achieve that gas hot water…