From Slavery to Freedom

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From Slavery to Freedom
Lisbeth Cobio
October 28, 2013
Melissa Davis

Freedom has been the root of ending slavery and the equality that people want in his or her life. The injustices of slavery, religions, and political missions of African American has always been a problem even in today’s era. People continue to fight for the rights to a life of equality and freedom. I believe that at one point in time in all of our lives we have treated someone unfair because of the color on a person’s skin. At the same time people have experienced prejudice and racism personally in his or her own life as well. I believe subconsciously we treat people the way we believe they are treating us. The struggle to fight against ending slavery and getting treated equally will be a constant battle.
In the story “Slavery in the Americas” David Walker discusses the struggles that African Americans have struggled with and the hypocrisy that many Americans use to justify what they treat slaves unfairly. Walker says “I have therefore, come to the immoveable conclusion, that they (Americans) have, and do continue to punish us for the nothing else, but for enriching them and their country” (p. 236). Literature in this time was about the death wish of many because of slavery. Many people would rather die than to continue to live a life of slavery. People saw no hope of life or any signs that the society would change his or her perspective of African Americans. People wanted to see a social change and overcome the obstacles when society presented them with the injustices of life. In “Oh, Freedom” it says “and before I’d be a slave I’ll be buried in a my grave/and go home to my Lord and be free” (p.44 lines 2-3). People would rather die than continue to live the life of slavery that he or she could not escape. People continue to seek an escape route to end slavery and even when the Emancipation Proclamation ended slavery people still abused African Americans….