Freight Forwarding Process Design

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Process Design and Supply Chain
Glenda E. Ortega
February 29, 2016
Prof. Andres Carrillo
Process Design and Supply Chain
Freight forwarders provide transport solutions to businesses wanting to send packages, crates and containers from one country to another, in this case Puerto Rico. Forwarders act on behalf of shippers and consignee to get their goods to their destination on time and in good condition. This means booking cargo with shipping lines. A forwarder’s other responsibilities include preparing and checking bills of carriage, arranging insurance, ensuring the lowest possible customs charges are levied and, where necessary, arranging storage (, 2013).
Action Cargo Transport (ACT) established is February 2014, is an exporter from Puerto Rico, the company sell goods and related products to Puerto Rico market. The company exports goods from Puerto Rico and lading goods at, the products and country of origin is Puerto Rico. In order to provide these goods to Puerto Rico, ACT receives these shipments in their three primary terminals: Jacksonville, Miami, and New Jersey. They also have two consolidation terminals: California and Chicago (, 2016).
As an employee of the Jacksonville terminal, we will explain the process since we receive the shipment until its final destination. Shippers have two options; or send the shipment prepaid or call to request a pickup. After that process is done, we measure the shipment and continue to enter the data in the system in which creates a Bill of Lading, official document that continues until the final destination. Once this step is completed, we continue to verify how many shipments we have in our terminal to determinate that we can load a container. In that part of the process we combine the cubic feet’s and the weight to load. Depending on the type of container the cubic feet and weight varies. In our case we use 53’feet containers which handles…