Frantic Films

Posted by admin on November 27, 2017 in Articles

1. The four basic types of organizational structures are:
-The functional structure
-The divisional structure
-Project organization (‘Projectized’ Structure)
-International organization
The type of organizational structure Frantic Films seems to have adopted is the divisional structure. The reason being is because it has various divisions with individual expertise working within them.2. One of the advantages of this type of organizational structure is that individual members within each division are accountable for their own work. Changes can also be made within each division that will not affect the other divisions, and management can train employees for specific tasks linked to each division without requiring people who need to be familiar with the entire company.
A disadvantage Frantic Films has seen using this form of organizational structure is the occasional improper allocation of resources among individual divisions. An example of this is when they set up offices for the visual effects division without having the needed personnel to occupy them. A lack of communication between the divisions is another disadvantage the company has seen as when its principle members who were initially involved in the overall decision-making became more involved in their own decisions.3. The difference between a centralized company and a decentralized one is in the decision-making authority. In a centralized company, top management essentially makes all of the decisions for the remainder of the company to follow. A decentralized company allows lower level manager to implement their own decisions.
Frantic Films initially followed the format of a centralized company, but have more recently moved on to becoming a decentralized company. The reason being is because they have allowed managers in individual divisions to take on their own decisions without consenting to higher authority. The company has seen that it can sometimes save time and also give lower…