Framers and the people

Posted by admin on December 23, 2017 in Articles

Article Review 6 In the article the “Framers and the people” the author Alfred E Young shows a different viewpoint to the point of view of who was favored by the people who wrote the Constitution. Most people believed that the people who wrote the constitution favored themselves but that wasn’t the case. He wrote this to show that they actually were aiming for a complete opposite meaning. The purpose was to show people what the purpose was of making the constitution and that they did not favor themselves.
He says that “the debate over the nature of the constitution congress has been dominated by two opinions”(pg.1). This was the main point of the author to show that there is only one right opinion, and that they were looking for the best interest of the nation short term and long term. James Madison the chief architect says The constitution was intended for the ages. He wanted to be able to show that he was looking for the best long term for this country and not short term. He also mentions that they did not just look out for people who are landowners or people that are white they looked out for everyone. He uses the constitution to help the county and set up a basic set of rules to follow to help this country run more efficiently. This helps the people in both the north and the south feel more accepting over the rules. Also the Ghosts referring to the other constitutions made and how they were wrong or right in ways, and mistakes that were made. Also how they had so many accommodations they had to make to help the country then and also worry about the long run. They tried to make it as best as the can to help both, without using just their interests.
It shows that in this time period they were worried about the future of this countries and these men tried to separate how they felt about their beliefs and focus on the needs of the country and how it should run. This is very important because the constitution is a huge part in the country’s past and is…