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Posted by admin on December 26, 2017 in Articles

Catch me if you can by Steven Spielberg
Since the 1890’s, when film production started, and motion picture cameras were invented, it was when people used creativity and stories that can be made into a movie. Movies can vary from one movie to another, and the audience can know whether it is a good one or not. As the movie production increased, the ideas of new films and stories that were never created before became very scarce, until now you can hardly find good movies to watch. One movie that I recently watched and never can forget how excited it made me and interested me is Catch Me if You Can by Steven Spielberg, it is one of the greatest true stories and Leonardo DiCaprio shines! The author presents the life of Frank Abagnale who becomes a fantastic scam artist at a young age; since his parents are divorcing Frank runs away and when he runs out of money he thinks up deviant and clever ways to make it. Frank is great at tricking and cheating people, and he makes a lot of money in a very short time, traveling to places around the world and very soon catches the eye of the FBI. The FBI is always a step behind Frank and the main officer, Agent Carl Hanratty, who is played excellently by Tom Hanks, gets very irritated and frustrated trying to hunt down this young man. In the end, he does get caught, but the humor in the situation is that agent Hanratty admires Frank’s abilities and hires him on the FBI force as an identity thief to help catch other criminals. Catch me if You Can is a well-acted, well-directed and extremely interesting and entertaining movie based on a true story of Frank Abagnale who was a troubled teenager, and as a result, he did illegal things in order to survive, and when he was finally caught by the FBI he was hired by them to help catch other men doing illegal acts.The movies include good actresses, story, director, and music.
The main character is Leonardo DiCaprio, and his acting skills are what directors are looking for in an actor:…