Ethics Responsibility

Posted by admin on February 13, 2018 in Articles

The Responsibility Project is a program that focuses on doing what is right in society without centering on age, gender, race, or religious beliefs. Sponsored by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, the program’s main goal is to make a difference in the lives of people. It provides a forum for people to discuss how to be socially responsible by providing the greatest advantages on society in areas such as education, entertainment, green living, children and families, relationships, and sports (Responsibility Project, 2012).
The film, “Our World” features an interview with John Legend, the Grammy award winning singer and songwriter. The interview provides detailed information on the singer’s life and the struggles he endured on his journey to obtain success in the music industry. He received help from other artists before landing the music contract that gave him the fame and notoriety he enjoys today. He realizes had he not met the right individuals in industry, his dreams may not have come true. Legend is also a social activist. He provides insight on not only his passion for education but also and the need for people to get involved in politics. He believes the best option for change is for all people to exercise their right to vote so their voices can be heard on important legislature to ensure every child receives the same quality in their educational endeavors.
Legend also discusses his involvement in the documentary film, “Waiting for Superman.” This film evaluates the deficiencies within the public education system in the United States. The documentary centers on several children from poor and disadvantaged communities who desire to win a lottery drawing for acceptance into one of five charter schools. Parents of the lottery participants believe admission into one of these schools will improve their child’s chances of graduating from high school and getting accepted into college. Legend serves as a musical contributor for the film and feels it is…