ethical considerations

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Ethical Considerations
“Case Study”Q1. In a business context, is it ever okay to lie? If yes, what are those situations? Why is it okay to lie in these situationsI think laying in a business context unethical and unacceptable at all. Laying will just create more and more problems “One lie will lead to more lies” and may ruin the business in the long term. However, I believe that honesty is a best policy, business owners look for honest employee to hire them.  Also, telling the truth is much easier to remember and your story doesn’t change.Q2. A recent survey revealed that 24 percent of managers said they have fired someone for lying. Do you think it’s fair to fire an employee who lies, no matter what the nature of the lie? Explain.
I believe that it is okay and acceptable to fire an employee who lies. As I said in the previous answer, laying will just bring problems and one lie would lead to more lies. But, maybe there are some exceptions depending on the situation. If the lay does not affect the business in a way or another, I think it is unfear to fire him and it is okay to give him a chance to explain why did he lay? And then decide to fire him or not. Q3. In business, is withholding information for your own advantage the same as lying? Why or why notIn this case, I think it depends on the situation. If it is important information and it would affect individuals involved in the company, it is as same as laying. However, if the information is for individual’s advantage but is does not affect other individuals at all, then this withholding information cannot be considered as lying because the information is not necessary to other parties.
Q4. In a business context, if someone has something to gain by lying, what percentage of people, do you think, would lieIf a person had something to gain by lying, I think almost all people would lie. There might by 85 percent of people who would lie! But, risks should be considered. If there is a…