Ethical Code of Conduct

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Ethical Code of Conduct
John Gwinn
Professor Ekern
Colorado Technical University
December 16, 2015 Gwinn Machining Service LLC was founded in 2015, with its main office located in Johnson Creek, WI. GMS employs a full time staff of highly skilled Sales, Purchasing, Engineers, Quality and Business Management personnel in its several locations located throughout the world. Our international teams will work with local businesses to ensure high quality standards are upheld and costs of manufacturing are kept to a reasonable and maintainable level. GMS has the capability to work with your Engineering and Quality departments to ensure the best manufacturing solutions for all parties involved are achieved. At GMS, our International and Domestic operations working in accordance with each other, is the basis for controlling our high quality standards and customer satisfaction.
GMS’s Code of Conduct is not meant to be a complete guide to all of our policies and laws that we must adhere to. It is intended as a general compliance for ethical and legal requirements while conducting business within our organization. This code is intended for all shareholders, management and employees to follow and recognize as our standard business practices. Violations of these rules can lead to disciplinary actions, including termination of employment.
The legal regulations of conducting business overseas
It is GMS’s priority that all regulations and laws are followed pertaining to both domestic and international business. All employees shall conduct themselves to standards of society pertaining to the moral and ethical boundaries of business within the country that the employee is employed. No employee may ever knowingly conduct themselves in any manner illegally or unethically to produce profit or create a market advantage involving GMS.
No employee shall accept any monies or services, directly or indirectly, to benefit themselves or GMS that is not in…