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Optional EssayMy Background for Pursuing an MBA at UConn MBA

Some may say that 10 years of prior work experience is too much to start an MBA, but seven to 10 years of employment is a general requirement for being selected as a sponsorship beneficiary in my company, since it is enough time for an employee to have worked in at least three departments and gained an overall understanding of the corporate operation. Some may also ask why someone from a traditional, conservative, Asian culture nonprofit organization would want to participate in an MBA course with a focus on innovation. However, I think this kind of fresh stimulus is exactly what I and my company need.My experience with various companies and organizations, new or old, big or small, has taught me that innovation is not a matter of choice in this time of change. My company needs to adapt to this trend as well. With the average age of our employees getting younger and with new challenges from quickly evolving global businesses, KITA is facing a critical period both from inside and out. With the knowledge and networks gained from UConn MBA, I am looking forward to bringing new changes to my organization at a whole new level. GRE Scores Which Are Not HighMy GRE scores are not as high as the top 40%. However, I had only a two-month preparation period, as it was not until October that KITA selected me as the final applicant because of its internal circumstances. If I had a longer preparation period, I could have achieved higher scores. Although my scores are not high, I strongly believe that my 10 years of experience in a nonprofit economic organization where I performed various tasks, including research, overseas marketing support, global networking and government funding, will add great value to the UConn MBA program. I may not have closed multi-million dollar business deals or managed a global brand, but my strength lies in close-to-field involvement with diverse Korean small…