Posted by admin on November 21, 2017 in Articles

Experiencing the University of Oklahoma
I can’t believe I’m here! Being at the University of Oklahoma is the most exciting experience I’ve ever had. It gives me the opportunity to meet a lot of new people from all around the world and stimulates me to be more open-minded and sensitive to others. The other reason why I love this place is that I finally got the opportunity to speak English with native people and international students, and thus improve my language skills. Finally, OU occupies a huge territory where one can find anything he/she wants, including social and speaking clubs, game evenings, and of course amazing student’s parties. I REALLY love vodka, I would like to drink it with every meal.
I’ve always wanted to be a student in some American university, because when you watch one of those American movies, such as, American Pie, Sorority Boys and She’s the Man, that show us how interesting and exciting student’s life can be on and off campus you start thinking: “I wonder if I can go there? Will it be as mind-blowing an experience as it seems to be?” And here I am wandering around the campus of the University of Oklahoma and looking for new impressions.
Starting from the first day of my arrival I met a whole bunch of new and interesting people from different countries for instance Colombia, Japan, China and Korea, whose culture is completely different from mine, they help me evolving and developing new features of character such as patience and sensitiveness.
Also during the classes professor can ask you to work in pairs or small groups and that helps you to become a team-player, what is very useful and helps you to find compromises with others.
Furthermore, being in an English speaking country I can practice my English with other students and native speakers and since I don’t have much opportunity to speak English at my home country this is the great chance for me to improve all my language skills. During my first week in OU I used to trouble…