ENTR 510 Week 8 Final Assignment

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ENTR 510 Week 8 Final Assignment
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1. Why are small businesses important to our economy? Provide an example of a company making an impact on the economy.
2. Explain, in your own words, Schumpeter’s view of entrepreneurship. Provide an example of your start-up and how it fits or does not fit within Schumpeter’s view.
3. What are the stages described in the model of the entrepreneurial process? What are the factors that give birth to a new enterprise and influence how it develops from an idea to a viable enterprise4. Why does a start-up need a first-class team? What are some preferred skills team members need to function in a start-up5. Why does a start-up always have competition? What is the difference between direct and indirect competitors? How can you find out about your competitors6. What can an entrepreneur do when there are no business opportunities at all7. Explain the first mover’s advantage? Provide an example of a company that operated in the first-mover advantage.
8. Why is talking with customers critical for entrepreneurs9. Why is the marketing done by entrepreneurs different from marketing done by established companies10. Explain why team players are generally more successful than solo entrepreneurs.
11. Describe the pros and cons of having two jobs at the early stages of the venture.
12. Three major problems your team may face are burnout, interpersonal conflicts, and family pressure. Describe how you can prevent and overcome them.
13. Why do some start-ups use business plans and others do not14. What are the critical risks entrepreneurs need to identify in the business plan? Provide examples of ways entrepreneurs can overcome those risks.
15. Explain why it is important to construct pro forma financial statements for new ventures.
16. Describe venture capital investing from…