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Steven Duncan
Mr. Fournier
Honors English 2
3 September 2015
        In the novel Of Mice and Men, the author, John Steinbeck, displays a problematic scenario where the main characters were faced with the universe’s implemented predatory existence of mankind. Steinbeck addressed the problems about friendship and The American Dream by creating a plot where the characters were being oppressed by the situations that they were thrown into as an effect of the Great Depression. The author portrays the characters with realistic issues that they would have faced within that time. The main characters George and Lennie show the betrayal of friendships that are influenced by those around them. John Steinbeck wrote the novel Of Mice and Men to stress how little people can grow if they refuse to against what is expected of them. He also puts a great significance on the abuse that the strong have on those who are seemingly weak. John Steinbeck’s novel has superfluous amounts of themes and symbols that accurately represents the problems of the world and mankind.
The author, John Steinbeck, wrote the novel to show the lifestyle that many men and women had to face, while trying to reach their individual version of the American dream. While portraying the overwhelming loneliness and lack of roots and family of the poverty-stricken working man, Steinbeck showed the struggles of those in the working class through the eyes of the main characters, George and Lennie. He also created a grief and fear stricken setting to easily establish an effect that came along with the Great Depression. Steinbeck displayed how outside forces can play a keen role in how someone can grow, or even resist the change of growth due to the oppression of people who are ignorant and stubborn. For example, Curley’s wife admits her dreams to Lennie and how she wanted to become a famous celebrity in the big city, but was discouraged by her mother, which then resulted with her running away from home and…