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Emergency Roadside AssistanceENG/222
April 24 2015

Table of Contents
Page 1. Introduction 1
2. Developments in Dispatch for Roadside Assistance 2
3. Why Advancement in Technology in Emergency Roadside Assistance 3
4. Arrangements with Insurance Companies 4
5. Setup 5
6. Alternative Methods 6
7. Timing/Scheduling 7
8. Feedbacks 8
9. Index 9Sent: April 26, 2015
To: All Dispatch Associates
Subject: Guidelines of BreakroomIt has come to our company attention that our breakroom has become rather disordered and untidy. Which is unacceptable! We have found that there has been constant cases of more than enough garbage left behind, spills on areas of counters and spoiled lunches left behind in refrigerator. So in this, proper guidelines will apply for all employees as a whole in this company.
Guidelines for Breakroom Cleanliness (Do’s and Don’ts
• Do clean up after yourself. This include emptying your own trash.
• If you see trash own the ground or counters do pick it up and throw it away.
• Do remove all of your food belongings after every shift.