ENG 115 Complete Course ENG115 Complete Course

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ENG 115 Complete Course ENG115 Complete Course
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“Areas of Writing”Please respond to the following:
Describe the areas (student, professional, citizen, family member, friend, etc.) of your life in which writing plays a major role. Explain.
Identify the goals you have as student, professional, citizen, family member or friend, and explain how you expect writing to play a role in one of these areas in 10 years.ENG 115 Week 2 Discussion
“To Quote or Paraphrase?”Please respond to the following:
Assume that you are a tutor of entering Freshmen who are struggling with how to write research papers and making decisions about when to paraphrase and when to quote. Explain two guidelines they should follow. And, using the essay you selected to summarize, provide an example of an acceptable paraphrase and an unacceptable paraphrase.ENG 115 Week 2 Assignment 1 Summary and Personal Response 
Due Week 2 and worth 120 pointsSelect one essay in The brief McGraw-Hill guide: Writing for college, writing for life: (2nd ed.) to summarize for this assignment. Choose from the following essays:  “Se habla Espanol” by Barrientos; “Facing poverty with a rich girl’s habits” by Kim; “On becoming a writer” by Baker; “Farm girl” by Hemauer
Write a one and one-half to two (1? – 2) page summary paper in which you:
1. Identify the source (writer and title of essay) and state his or her most important point in your own words.
2. Summarize the other main points and their supporting details in separate paragraphs.
3. Discuss the (1) writer’s purpose, (2) genre, (3) audience, and (4) tone (attitude),
4. Describe your emotional response to the essay.
5. Use quotations, paraphrase, and summary correctly.
Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:…