EDS Wheatbelt

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SECTION A Part 136 people responded to the Business Survey.75% of respondents have their main business located in the postcode 6510 Moora. 5.6% in 6513 Watheroo, 2.8% in 6575 Miling, 2.8% 6574 Bindi Bindi and 2.8%, the remaining 11.1% have their main business in another postcode not with the Shire of Moora. 31 people answered when their business was established with five people missing the question. Between the years 1838 and 1930 there were 6 businesses established, between the years 1931-1980 there were 8 businesses established. During the years 1981-2011 there were 17 businesses established.
A majority of the respondent’s three main products/services offered by their business are under Agriculture and Farming. With others including transport, general trade, retail trade, finance, admin services, health services and other.Most respondents described their business being unique in many ways most of these belong in similar categories, such as:
– Primary producers
– Their staff and employment opportunities
– Innovative
– Great reputation
– Quality products and services; best brands; product knowledge
– Old family business
– Profitable
– No other within the shire
– Nationally acclaimed
– Backup support
– Product knowledge
– Cheapest in town
– Good food
– Central position
– Vocational education & training
– Use of local Quartz rocks for internal use and situated in Moora for the unique Noondine Quartz resource.
Respondents were asked their opinion on doing business in the Shire of Moora and below are their responses;
– Businesses in the Shire are good to do business with; the Shire itself is not easy to deal with and doesn’t understand its constituents
– Frustrating
– We are well based & receive much local…