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ADVANTAGE ONLINE INSURANCE1. You can get the quotes in a matter of minutes. You can compare the rates and services offered by various companies very easily2. You don’t need to travel to anywhere to get your insurance. Simply fill up the online form, get the quote and pay at the same time.3. Online insurance companies hold your information in a secure manner and prevent it getting out of their system.4. There are also online complaint tool boxes on the online insurance company websites. If something unusual happens you can just drop a complaint. For example in some countries PPI has been mis-sold to many people. These tools made the process Claim back PPI an easy task5. You can also get rid of the sales people who take up your time convincing you to buy from them. Buying online conveniently takes out the middle man leaving you in charge.6. You can contact them through email, phone call or chat online to clarify your doubts and to get the additional information.7. The first thing to keep in mind is that the internet is completely free. You can get free auto insurance quotes with the click of a button, and even compare different quotes side by side.8. Let’s also not forget about the convenience of the internet. Car insurance websites are open for business 24 hours a day, which means if you live a hectic lifestyle, then you don’t need to find time during a busy schedule to start phoning companies.9. Also, car insurance companies have less overheads when they operate online, which means they are able to pass the savings to you. Take advantage of this situation and grab yourself a massive discount!10. Lastly, but probably the most important advantage is price. Let’s face it, by getting your car insurance online you are cutting out the middleman. Why go to a broker when you can go directly to the source
DISADVANTAGE ONLINE INSURANCE1. Quite possibly the biggest disadvantage of online car insurance is that…