Due Process Model vs. Crime Control Model

Posted by admin on November 22, 2017 in Articles

Due Process Model vs. Crime Control Model
Jade Treadwell
Saint Leo University
Professor Brian Jimison Abstract
Today in American crime system there is choices between due process model and crime control model. Many citizens have their choice of model they fell is best for their rights. It makes you think which model has the rules to it that make people feel that have equal rights and not being control. Between due process model and crime control model, the question that comes to many is which one has the best effect on the nation crime rate. In the crime control model there is more input on catching and punishing the offender than protecting a citizens rights. In the due process model the citizen rights and liberty is protected. Each of the models has pros and cons that give them their differences. For the due process and crime control model they each have goals, values, and a different process that the model is set to achieve. Each of these models is different but the main goal is to control crime and ensure safety of the citizens.
Due Process Model or Crime Control ModelDue process is one choice that can be a factor in the American crime system. With a due process crime system offers fairness under the law. The due process model (Due Process Model Law & Legal Definition) has stated that citizen has some absolute rights and cannot be deprived of life, liberty, or property without appropriate legal procedures and safeguards. Under a due process model (Which Model Crime Control or Due Process) the crime system has offer creating a non-violent juvenile justice system, police powers should be limited to prevent official oppression of the individual, and the government shouldn’t hold a person guilty solely on the basis of the facts. Due process is used for crimes that are more serious but, American citizens still feel that due process offer more a fair court trial….