drug abuse

Posted by admin on November 28, 2017 in Articles

Drugs have been used for thousands of years and help people to relieve pain, however they have also been abused and used illegally, in particular, by young people. Drug abuses among youth have followed a rising trend in recent years national wide. Youth drug abuse is a global issue and it has concerned by many countries. This essay is going to talk about youth drug abuse. Conflict theory will be used to analyze the issue and solutions will be considered.
Youth abuse drugs could result in a number of negative consequences. Short term consequences for the individual could be lose their head and become violent. Moreover,a number of drugs could lead a long term damage for individual’s mental and physical health.
Conflict theory identifies different classes (primarily rich and poor) in society related to their position within the economy. Conflict theory focuses on large, macro-level structures. It shows how major patterns of inequality in society produce social stability in some circumstance and social change in others. Besides that conflict theory also stresses how member of higher class try to maintain their advantages while lower class struggle to increase theirs. The suggestion of conflict theory is lessening privilege, then the level of conflict will decrease and human welfare will increase. In the issue of drug abuse, the theory sees that rich people by virtue of their status are able to influence law and policy makers so they are able to evade the criminal justice system. Those who are poor not only have more stresses and reasons to want to resort to drugs but are also more likely to be focused on by police. The conflict perspective would see that the imbalance of power between the two classes needs redressing. More resources, facilities and power need to be made available to the lower classes. This should include education programs for both parents and teens thus let them know the harms of drugs. Furthermore, government also should enforce the management…