Drawing The Human Face

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Drawing the Human FaceCreated exclusively for Craftsy
by Paul Heaston
& Sandrine Pelissier TABLE OF CONTENTS01
18Meet the Experts
Bringing Faces to Life
How to Draw Facial Features
Tips for Drawing Realistic Eyes
Drawing Lips Tutorial
Keys to Drawing Realistic Hair PAUL HEASTONSANDRINE PELISSIERPaul Heaston was born and raised in San Antonio,
Texas. He received his BFA in painting from the
University of Texas, San Antonio in 2002 and
his MFA from Montana State University in 2008,
where he continued on as a faculty member. He
is an obsessive sketchbook-keeper and spent 6
months between 2008 and 2009 meticulously
drawing every building in downtown Bozeman,
Montana, in a pocket-sized sketchbook. Heaston
is a correspondent for Urbansketchers.org, an
internationally known Web site showcasing visual
journalism all over the world, and in addition
maintains his own sketch blog, Three Letter Word
for Art (http://paulheaston.blogspot.com/). He
lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife, Linda, and
their dog Freddie.Sandrine Pelissier is a watercolor, acrylic and mixed
media artist from Canada. She is inspired by the
West Coast landscapes but also enjoys painting
portraits and life drawing. While her paintings seem
to be fairly realistic she likes to experiment and add
a touch of abstraction. She has been published in art
books and magazines including the Splash, best of
watercolor series, the mixed-media book Incite, The
Artist’s Magazine, Watercolor Artist magazine and
International Artist magazine.1 DRAWING A REALISTIC HEAD
Bringing Faces Alive
By Paul HeastonHeads and faces are some of the trickiest things to draw–so let’s
focus specifically on those parts. Because we spend all day looking
at them, we are very aware when something is a little off in a
drawing or painting.
While lots of repetition and direct observation are the most important
things you can do to sharpen your…