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Alexandreia Davis
UNIV 1301
Ms. Martin
February 22, 2016 Dining Out
Ever notice the difference between two restraunts? What they serve? How they cook food? I choose two restraunts and those were Texas De Brazil and McDonalds. As you drive down the streets of Las Vegas you see quite a variety of restraunts. Plus the type of family I come from they like to try different kinds of food and we like to eat out a lot.
So I have quite experience with restraunts and food tasting. I gotta say I’ve been at some really nice places and some places where I question how there still open and running a business. So I’ve had my share of experience. The best restraunt I’ve been to so far have to be Texas De Brazil. It has a great setting, good noise level for the music and it’s so elegant and organized. I would definitely go back more than twice but I have to say it’s a little bit expensive and everyone that’s goes there dresses really casual.
It’s a really nice place to go to if you like celebrating on certain occasions. Sometimes I wish I could be like Beyonce because so many people respect her and she can get anything and gets to see anyone. Texas de Brazil has the best variety of meat and great tropical drinks. As soon as you walk into the restraunt it has a great setting, for example, the room is like a medium tone dark, and it has long chandelier lamps hanging from the ceiling. They also have a salad bar directly in the middle of the restraunt and also has all the tables to the left of the restraunt along with the bar. Overall, it’s a great restraunt it’s definitely worth spending your money on.
McDonald’s is totally opposite from Texas de Brazil because it’s more laid back. McDonalds is way less expensive and it has great deals for good prices. Including that sometimes there food is good and sometimes it’s not good all the time because it don’t be cooked all the way. When you walk into McDonalds all you see are tables,…