digital library

Posted by admin on January 6, 2018 in Articles

Knowledge is wisdom. Books, article, journal and much more provide knowledge to the readers. Library is useful by accessing to it reference or borrowing with collection of information and similar resources (, 2016). Materials can be accessed by physical and digital way from the library. It maybe is in building or in virtual space or both. But nowadays, online library gained popularity among youngsters and taken over the place of physical library. Suggestion arises of shifting all resources of public library to online, where physical building will not be in use. This may bring both advantages and disadvantages in many ways.
Accessibility to the digital library is easier than physical library. One does not have to travel much and go to library physically. If a book is been borrowed in physical library, then the person has to wait for the book to be returned and it consumes time. On the other hand, while using digital library many users around the world can borrow the same information at the same time. As long as the internet connectivity is there, then it should not be a problem.
Digital library can be accessed every time and at anytime. It is open for 24 hours a day with 365 days in a year. This shows that time is a golden opportunity for the library users as they can access to any information at anytime. It is just a click away and able to get the resources by seconds.
Build and maintain a digital library costs less than public. Payment for web hosting, web page, e-books and more are cheaper. This will reduce the cost. A public library must spend large amount of money to pay rent, staffs, books and building maintenance. This can be avoided in digital library usage. There about 9000 public libraries in United States have generated $11.5 billion and expenditure about $10.7 billion in 2012 (, 2015). This shows that maintaining a public library is higher.
E-books and other digital information can be preserved and conserved in…