Culture in China

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Michael Williamson
SPC 2017
Professor Saltsman
January 17, 2016
Culture Assignment: ChinaGrowing up in American, we are accustomed to a certain way of communicating. We have our do’s and do not’s for how we should conduct ourselves while we communicate with others. There are certain qualities that are looked for and measured in a person to determine whether or not they are a good public speaker. Specific little things can mean something different to people of different cultures. There could be situations when it’s important to research these differences. For example, if you plan on conducting a presentation for your work in front of representatives from a China-based company it may be important that you know which speaking traits they value and what can come off offensive to them. There are many differences between the Chinese and American cultures when it comes to communication and public-speaking. Five areas where the Chinese may differ in their ways of communicating include: public behavior, conversations, meeting, business attire, and dinner etiquette. First, the Chinese culture values respect and honor very highly. Whenever you are in a group of people it is important that you acknowledge the most senior person first. In America, its considered a useful speaking tool when you use hand gestures. However, in China is considered annoying and distracting, and it’s better not to do that when speaking in a group. Next, conversations in China may be somewhat different. It’s important to not use negative language when replying. It is considered rude to say “no”. It would be better to say maybe or possibly. It may seem confusing but Chinese people will understand and they do the same thing back to you. Also, it would go a long way if you were to learn words and phrases in Chinese. The Chinese will see that you are trying and will appreciate this and respect you more. Third, a Chinese meeting may require different etiquette. Similar to…