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Alternative 2:
Partnerships, mergers, and buy-outs between companies usually help boost sales and exposure of each company participating. Therefore, Starbucks choosing to partner up, buy-out, or merge with other companies can possibly give the company the market share it is looking for internationally. Also in doing one of the three with the right domestic firm would allow Starbucks to gain the demographic they lack within the U.S. After analyzing this alternative we feel Starbucks can increase their market share internationally and their domestic deficiencies without having to do any partnerships, buy-outs, or merge. With better market research of international culture and policies, Starbucks can gain the knowledge of these markets to therefore efficiently increase their share of those markets. Domestically a good company for example for Starbucks to have a partnership with would be Krispy Kreme. Krispy Kreme lacks in their beverage product development and Starbucks food assortment is not as diverse as their competition. With that being said both companies could benefit from a partnership with one another. With Krispy Kreme facing their difficulties within their industry and losing a good share of their market, it may be too risky for Starbucks to attempt to partner with Krispy Kreme. Starbucks can end up in a worse situation than where they currently are.
Alternative 3:
Starbucks is known for its comfortable and friendly environment. Customers who go to Starbucks usually go to get coffee and sit comfortably socializing and/or working. Our third alternative is for Starbucks to open “express” shops. Not all customers or potential customers feel the need to sit and lounge while having coffee. Some customers are always on the go or in a rush and would like to go in a coffee shop and get out fast as possible. So if Starbucks set up mini Starbucks Express shops where you can get coffee and maybe a few pastries to go. This could speed up the process and also…