Conflict of Power

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Pretty Women
Pretty Women
The movie I chose to do my role of conflict and power paper on is Pretty Women. Let me start off by identifying the characters in the movie Richard Gere known as Edward Lewis, Julia Roberts known as Vivian Ward, and Jason Alexander known as Philip Stuckey.
A very successful, wealthy lawyer, Edward Lewis, hires a beautiful prostitute name Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts), from Sunset Blvd to bring along to various business events. An attraction develops and they take a liking to each other, and soon after Edward finds it harder and harder to let Vivian go. As time passes Edward takes Vivienne to a polo match. While Vivian chats to an associate, Philip Stuckey worries that Vivian relations to Edward is being an undercover spy. Edward reassures him by telling him how they met, and Philip Stuckey then comes on to Vivian. When they return to the hotel, she is furious with Edward for telling him, and plans to leave, but he persuades her to see out the week.
I have many thoughts regarding this movie and communication, there is not a scenario where communication is an issue. Edward is someone who can say much with few words. When a bellhop makes a request Edward finds inappropriate, he can just look at him with a smirk, and the bellhop will back away and retract what he asked. Edward wasn’t mad, and he wasn’t condescending. He was just amused, and gave a look that said, “You’re serious?” If the bellhop had persisted, Edward would likely have been fine with whatever outcome.
Edward also can talk about the controversial with neutral judgment implied. An example of this is the first night he and Vivian meet. They agree to one hour of her services for $100 dollars. When he offers his coat to cover Vivian’s startling prostitute attire before entering the hotel, she asks what the coat is for. He calmly clarifies, “Because this is the type of establishment … that does not rent rooms by the hour.” There is neither judgment on the…