Compromise Business Application Impact Analysis

Posted by admin on January 28, 2018 in Articles

Compromise Business Application Impact Analysis
Business Mode Business Impact for A Compromised Application
A Publically Traded Retailer with retail outlets and online shopping/shipping Merging both in-store and online sales. In the event the web application is compromised anything from the inventory miscalculations to customer data being stolen could occur.
Small private law firm. Has a small web site with forms for potential clients to complete name, address, contact number, and reason for scheduling an appointment. With including the reason for scheduling appointment, in the event of a web breach customers’ legal or other personal information could be leaked.A real estate appraisal company that provide online appraisal for a publically-traded financial institution’s application for residential loans. The bank sends all applicant information to the appraisal company electronically. Again, information leaks could be a business threat. Since the company is publically traded, someone could gain insider-trading information on their stock through their financial records.
Web-hosting company that provides leased servers for websites of clients ranging from small firms to large online retailers. Loss of intellectual property. Someone could read when popular or valuable websites’ hosting expires, then squat on it hoping to scoop up the domain/hosting then sell it back to the owner at a profit.
A city government that allows people with parking tickets to pay the fines online using a credit card or online check. Financial fraud or identity theft; customer information could be compromised including personal payment information. False payments could be made online.
A local residential-cleaning business with a website that acts as a company brochure; no forms of any type are located on the website. This has no web applications currently, which cause a loss of potentially new clients who prefer to make online payment and appointments.
A software development…