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Team B’s Competitor Research Paper for the Mobile Food Truck
University of Phoenix
March 4, 2013
Gail LorberIntroduction
B’s Mobile Food Truck is a business that will offer the convenience of serving foods to their customers from a traveling truck. The food truck will be located near businesses, which will allow the customers quick access to the service. Customers will have different food choices to choose. However, quick access to the food service cause the company to compete against such companies as gas station, restaurants, grocery stores, and smoothie juice restaurants. Each of these businesses offers the service of prepared and ready-to-go foods and healthy choices. Each also allows convenience service. B’s Mobile Food Truck must realize these businesses will be in constant competition against the mobile food truck.
Mobile Food Truck Competitors
Gas station food has earned a bad reputation over the last 20 years for various reasons. Usually the only things to be found are old hot dogs, stale donuts, slushes, and tightly wrapped tasteless sandwiches that have some sort of gross cheese that most people could not identify. Several gas stations have gotten into a different range of foods, trying to expand on better choices to boost the income.
Many gas stations have either joined up with franchises such as McDonald’s, Subway or a pizza place to diversify their food attractions from the common place soggy sandwiches and sodas. “About 11 percent of Chevron Corp.’s 395 company-owned stations have food operations inside, many of them run by chains such as Subway or McDonald’s, spokeswoman Lori Carlisle said. Privately owned stations — those that carry the names of big oil companies but are owned by franchisees or entrepreneurs — also have embraced the concept. Many have gone beyond chain restaurants to add their own individualized delis and grills.” (Wernau, 2010, para.5)
The newer marketing techniques vary depending on the…