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Domestic Violence
Team D
Wende Carter, Rosalind Freeman, Keely Holt
Dr. Burnett-Brown • Introduction
• What is Domestic Violence• Nature and History
• Effects on Society
• Elements of persuasion
• Motivations of altruistic behavior
• Implications of intervention and PreventionTable of Contents Domestic violence is an epidemic that we must address by
educating people of its nature and history, effects on society through
elements of persuasion, motivation using altruistic behavior and
explaining the implication of intervention and prevention.Introduction Domestic Violence is the intent to intimidate and cause
psychological, physical, and emotion harm to someone. Its
behavior pattern is controlling and domineering.What is Domestic Violence
Nature: To acquire to gain control over their victim through physical harm. It is no
longer being swept under the rug and being ignored.History: An epidemic that has plagued communities for many years. It doesn’t
discriminate and cases range from that against women, men, children and even the
elderly. People have forbidden for so many years to not address or speak about this
behavior . It was consider to only affect women, married when mostly. It is known
for its physical injuries and now even deaths.Nature and History Faces of Domestic Abuse Effects on Society
Keely Elements of persuasion
Keely Eliciting individual’s help with stopping domestic violence take
behavioral motivation. In order to execute what is needed one may
refer to altruistic behavior as identified in social change theory. It opens
up for positive behavior.Motivations of Altruistic Behavior In many domestic violence situations, victims are sometimes
hesitant to leave their abusive relationship. It is vital not to pressure
your victim into. Let it be there choice. When preventing your…