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Climate Change – Major Cause Human Activities
Climate Change – Major Cause Human Activities
Climate change is change in the climate pattern which includes change in wind pattern, precipitation, temperature. One of the major aspects of climate change is global warming – ongoing increase in atmospheric temperature due to excess emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels, automobile emission, deforestation, industrial processes. Few of the major issues caused by climate change includes rise in sea level, wildlife extinction, increase in temperature, risk of flood, fire, drought, storms. Research shows that human activities are solely responsible for the global climate changes because heat trapping gases are caused mainly due to the increasing industries which produce more carbon dioxide, deforestation in large quantities, and the carbon emissions in automobiles.
Greenhouse gas emissions are caused due to natural and human reasons, but there is no doubt that the major contributor of current level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is human activities. The main human activities that emits heat trapping gases include combustion of fossil fuels, emission from industries, automobiles, deforestation and land use. In a research it was identified that triple increase in climate variations were attributed to anthropogenic factors (Seung-Ki, M, 2014). Due to the human activities, the increase in global temperature have also lead to the increase in sea level rise which is a major threat for many coastal area/islands around the globe.
First major human activity which contributes to the climate change are industries around the world. During the post industrialization era, there is 25% increase in the greenhouse gas emissions. Out of the total greenhouse gases present in atmosphere, 76.7% carbon dioxide. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change reports states that between 1970 and 2004 greenhouse gases…