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CIS 105 Entire Course
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CIS 105 Week 7 DQ 2***********************************************************************************************************CIS 105 CheckPoint: Microsoft Word
For more course tutorials visit
www.uophelp.comCheckPoint: Microsoft® Word
• Resource: pp.303-307 in Computing Fundamentals and the Computer Applications
• Due Date: Day 4 [Individual forum]
• Refer to pp.303-307 in Ch. 8 of Computing Fundamentals.
• Complete the Word portion of the Computer Applications Tutorial at and manipulate a document using the
word processing program on your computer with the following specifics:
o Open Microsoft® Word.
o Create a new document by clicking on File, then New.
o Copy and paste the following paragraph:
1. Click and move your mouse over the paragraph, highlighting the paragraph.
2. Click Ctrl + C (copy).
3. Click on your blank document with the mouse.
4. Click Ctrl + V (paste).
Learning how to use Word to improve personal and job productivity is easy and helpful.
The basics include opening and creating a Word document, making the document appear
professional, and saving the file.
• Complete the following changes on this paragraph:
o Before you lose any data,…