Choosing Medical Assistant as a Career

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Melanie Boudreaux
January 13, 2016
Week 1 Assignment 1
I have chosen Medical Assistant as my idea career to be successful in life. A medical assistant is an allied health professional that supports the work of physicians and other health professionals, usually in a clinic setting. Medical assistants can become certified through an accredited program usually offered through a junior or community college. They perform routine tasks and procedures such as measuring patients’ vital signs, administering medications and injections, recording information in medical recordkeeping systems, preparing and handling medical instruments and supplies, and collecting and preparing specimens of bodily fluids and tissues for laboratory testing. There are number of positions for the medical assistant diploma or associate’s degree. What a Medical Assistant typically on a daily basis is to schedule appointments, screen and make telephone calls, obtain and verify patient registration information, transcribe medical dictation, maintain medical records, prepare correspondence, code procedures and diagnoses for physician services, perform billing and collection procedures, prepare insurance claims, perform financial and book keeping procedures, arrange outside appointments and admissions, manage office activities. Clinical duties done by medical assistants is to use precautions necessary in a health care environment, obtain patient’s medical history, vital signs, collect specimens for testing, perform routine lab and diagnostic tests, prepare patients and office for examination and treatments, assist with examinations and procedures, prepare and administer medications, apply sterilization procedures, provide patient education, and maintain patient immunization records. These are typically things that a medical assistant does when at the office, hospital, clinic, or in a home if required. The Education of a Medical Assistant is to first either have a high school diploma…