child abuse

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Abusing Children
When someone intentionally inflicts moral, sexual pain, physical pain on a child is committing child abuse. When a child is abuse it is typical that they were abused as a child themselves. Life struggle can contribute to some abuse due to unemployment, stress, and poverty. When a child is abused it is usually people that have the need to feel power over something. Disabled children are more than likely to be abused children with special needs can cause a great deal of stress. Children are often the target of abuse they are less powerful than the abuser.
Sexual abuse has been involved in cases of neglect on children (Bottoms, B., & Epstein, M., 1998). Around eighty percent of children that were abused as kids will grow up to be abusers especially the ones that have been sexually abused. Most parents that abuse actually believe it is their right as a parent. Abusers really think this teaches children a lesson, it does it teaches children not to trust. Abuse is higher in families of mixed races and mixed religion (Bottoms, B., & Epstein, M., 1998). Abusers have a very short temper they explode at the slightest little things. Jobless or part-time working parents are the likely abusers (Bottoms, B., & Epstein, M., 1998). Retired people are the least likely to abuse a child.
Parents who were cruelly treated as a child, families that live under stress and poor families usually are the abuser (Besharov, D. J., 1994). s. The age of a child can determine the type of abuse used. Bruises, broken bones, and burns are marks of abuse on preschoolers and infants. Male victims of sexual abuse are on the rise, females are more likely to be raped or molested (Besharov, D. J., 1994). A high percentage of abusers are men. Neglect is not providing children with shelter, food, clothing, morals, education and adequate food.
Some other forms of abuse are; verbal abuse, failure to provide proper shelter, physical violence, lack of food, emotional support, lack…

Child Abuse

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Running head: CHILD ABUSE
Some Wounds Don’t Heal
Rodaisha Holman
West Georgia Technical College
November 16, 2015
The abuse of children has come to be seen as a major social problem and a main cause of people’s suffering and personal problems. Child Abuse is the physical maltreatment or sexual molestation of a child. Parents who abuse or know of anybody abusing their children are immediately reported to the authorities, where they can face a long amount of time in prison.
The physical abuse of a child means harming a child through punching, beating, kicking, biting, burning, etc. Child neglecting is failing to provide for the child’s needs. The sexual abuse of a child means touching their private areas and forcing them to do sexual activities. Last but not least is the emotional abuse towards a child, which includes a parent or anybody for that matter who words or actions harms a child emotionally, mentally, and socially (Kim, 1968).
Incidents of child abuse appear frequently in the news, most of the times in horrifying details. We all react to this horrific crime of child abuse in different ways. The term child abuse is applied to young people up to the age of eighteen (Kim, 1968). Most people believe child abuse involves strangers but most of the time family members or close friends are doing it. Sometimes these tragedies gone on for years without people even knowing it.
Children who are abused or neglected suffer greater emotional damage than physical. Emotional and psychological abuse and neglect deny the tools need to cope with stress (Healthy Children). Most children who are abused by anyone do not feel mistreated. They feel worse about bringing any kind of attention to the person who has abused them.
The main reason child abuse is underreported is because it often occurs in the home or a private place where nobody can hear that child scream. Most children are embarrassed to say they are abused especially by the people…