Chicago environmental justice

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Little Village Environmental Justice Organization: Community Rootedness and Displacement rough draft A sustainability plan for little village is vital for people of the community for their health and their well-being. Little Vvillage has come a long way from where they used to be. The village community closed down the coal factories, which helped clean up the air by a lot. However, the factory isn’t the only thing that the village has to worry about. Businesses coming into Little Village are can be good but the industrial diesel trucks that come along with the industryies can be harmful to the air and all that work that was put into getting the coal factory closed, won’t matter anymore. When the Hellman’s factory was extended to Little Village, it was opened up next to an elementary school. With a new industry comes more trucks, so not only were the trucks producing pollution in the air for hundreds of children in the elementary school but the actually factory was too. Another thing the community worksed really hard towards was opening up the garden, since there are many brownfields theythe most recent community garden is located on a brownfield site, gardeners have to used raised beds in order to be able to eat the food that they grow. While using raised beds is a good idea, getting rid of all of the brownfields would be even better and open up so much more space and opportunity for more community gardens. Working together as a community and being involved does so much for the city, such as bringing the community closer together as a whole and making everyone feel loved and welcomed. A sustainability plan for Llittle Village could mean making the air even cleaner and being able to open up more gardens to influence a healthy lifestyle as well as bringing the community closer and being able to achieve even more. Over the years Little…