Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Transformational Leadership Summary
Process – TL is a process that changes and transforms individuals I
Influence – TL involves an exceptional form of influence that moves followers to accomplish more than what is usually expected
Core elements – TL is concerned with emotions, values, ethics, standards, and long-term goals
Encompassing approach – TL describes a wide range of leadership influence where followers and leaders are bound together in the transformation process
Charisma – A special personality characteristic that gives a person superhuman or exceptional powers and is reserved for a few, is of divine origin, and results in the person being treated as a leader
Charismatic Leadership Theory (House, 1976)
Charismatic leaders act in unique ways that have specific charismatic effects on their followersTheory of Charismatic Leadership
Transforms follower’s self-concepts; tries to link identity of followers to collective identity of the organization
Forge this link by emphasizing intrinsic rewards & de-emphasizing extrinsic rewards
Throughout process leaders
Express high expectations for followers
help followers gain sense of self-confidence and self-efficacy
The 4 “I”s
Idealized Influence
– Acting as strong role models
– High standards of moral and ethical conduct
– Making others want to follow the leader’s vision
Inspirational Motivation
– Communicating high expectations
– Inspiring followers to commitment and engagement in share vision
– Using symbols & emotional appeals to focus group members to achieve more than self-interest
Intellectual Stimulation
– Stimulating followers to be creative and innovative
– Challenging their own beliefs and valuing those of leader and organization
– Supporting followers to try new approaches and develop innovative ways of dealing with organization issues
Individualized Consideration
– Listening carefully to the needs of followers
– Acting…