Case Study 1- Kyra Vermillion

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Ramona’s Decision
Kyra Vermillion
Liberty University
February 21, 2016Ramona’s Decision
Being offered a junior manager position with a company featured in Forbes Magazine as one of the fastest growing companies in America is a dream come true to most recent graduates. It is even more appealing when it comes with a generous salary and ability to grow within the company. Ramona Alexander, a recent top graduate from Liberty University was provided this opportunity from a health food and supplement company, Next Step Herbal Health. Prior to meeting with the organization for a “Get to Know Us” event, Ramona decided to do some research about the company she was considering a career with. Unfortunately, Ramona’s research discovered some negative information about the company. At the “Get to Know Us” event some of the negative information revealed to be true. Ramona is now faced with a tough decision as to work for a company with questionable integrity that offers a competitive salary or wait for different opportunity to arise.
Corporate culture is the environment surrounding a corporation (Kubasek, etc., 2015). When making a decision as to work for a company or not, it is important to consider the culture of the company to ensure it is a place that will be comfortable to work. The leadership of a company is a good place to turn to when evaluating the culture of the company. The actions of the leaders are often a good indication as to what is acceptable and what is not. John Hunkin stated in his speech Ethics in Business and Everyday Life that “it’s the CEO who sets the standards of conduct by his own actions, and shapes corporate integrity by his or her own choice in leaders” (Hunkin, 2002). In Ethics in Business: Answering the Call William Sauser Jr. wrote that “It is very important managers at the highest level of the organization set the example for others by working always within the law and the policies of the organizations” (Sauser, 2005)….