Career Oppertunites

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Career Opportunities
Christina Morgan
VCT 340
February 22, 2016
Author Lisa Sims
Career Opportunities
Starting off on this endeavor was frustrating for me. I have never searched or read about companies that do web design, as it’s not a part of my career path. So my search with google, this was just frustrating because I did not get a clear lead on what companies or corporations would use Dreamweaver CC. This led me to do some digging and lots and lots of reading. This is what I discovered. The first location one should search for insight into a career in web design that uses Dreamweaver would be Phoenix Connect. Here you can list what type of job you are looking for and the results will follow. Each job listed will give a detailed list of the needed requirements for said job, whether or not being knowledgeable of Dreamweaver is must or not. The most information I came across of websites that provided insight into careers that would require the use and knowledge of Dreamweaver were sites like and These sites pull up careers available across the country and some even out of the country. The first organization I would join would be This is a site that in a way is a social media site, the Facebook of the career world. LinkedIn provides you with the ability to connect to high ranking members of the career field of your choice. Through this site you can research companies and organizations, apply for jobs, seek advice from professionals, and learn the exactly what companies are looking for. This site also provides the perspective employer a way to research the candidate. Check there resume and see their credentials. Another organization that I would join would This site provides insight into the leading companies across the world. Corporations that are leading in their industry and what they are looking for in their employees. Beyond these sites I really didn’t find much that would provide insight…