Can’t pump oil the reason

Posted by admin on January 12, 2018 in Articles

(1) oil screen is blocked;(2) used for a long time, the oil sediment are attached on the oil valve, throttle is not closed;(3) oil tank is too strong, or because of cold coagulation;(4) medium oil tank is enough;5) in the hydraulic pump as a vacuum.The corresponding elimination method is: (1) cleaning oil screen;(2) new oil or release old oil;Filter and clean the oil inlet valve, and grinding, make its closed good;(3) change the thin oil, cold room temperature should be increased;(4) to add sufficient oil tank;5. Pull out the small piston, again after injection oil pressure.palm oil mill
3, gauge pressure can’t keep, drops rapidly
The reason:
(1) relief valve seal;(2) in and out of the valve plug and poor contact of steel ball;(3) the hose connector plug and hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic cylinder oil hole not tighten.(4) three bad oil return valve in contact with the ball.The corresponding elimination method is: (1) grinding the relief valve to make it closed;(2) grinding in and out of the oil valve make it closed;3. Tighten the tubing joints and hydraulic cylinder screw;(4) grinding oil return valve.
4, rocker jacking
The reason:
(1) the oil valve and ball poor contact;(2) spring out of steel ball head.The corresponding elimination method is: (1) grinding oil valve, a new steel ball;(2) expand spring head.
5, bureauSteam pipe
The reason:
(1) oil evaporate and temperature is not appropriate, material temperature is too low, cake moisture content is too high;(2) cake billet thickness uneven;(3) with bread, bread is not straight,(4) pressing too hard too hard.Corresponding elimination method is: (1) take appropriate direction of steaming and frying, increasing bed temperature above 85 ?, water content lower than 7%;(2) pay attention to when making a cake cake thickness;(3) bread when to fold is bad;(4) decrease the pressing speed.
6, the clearance between the piston and the oil from the hydraulic cylinder leaking
The reason:
1 cup bowl up wrong;(2)…