Business BTEC Level 3 Unit 3 P2

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P2 – Explain the impact of the legal and regulatory framework on recruitment and selectionLegal considerations Act
Explain the impact of each on Thorpe Park
Sex Discrimination Act 1975/97
The Sex Discrimination Act means that men and woman should be treated equally.
This is to be followed especially when employers recruit new staff.
People should not treat men and women differently as they are equal and this is to be followed whether it is in a workplace, or anywhere.
An example on how this links to Thorpe Park is when they recruit new staff. They could give a job to a less experienced man when they could’ve given the job to a more experienced woman.
Race Relations Act 1976
(Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000)
The Race Relation Act 1976 is another serious issue. This Act makes it illegal for anyone to be discriminated based on their race, colour, nationality, and ethnicity.
Employees should not have to take discrimination or harassment and they should not stand for it. Employees should be protected and feel safe in their workplace.
The impacts of these on Thorpe Park are that they have to be careful in terms on how they reject people for work. They have to take into consideration that all of their candidates and their applications have equal opportunities to get the job at Thorpe Park.
Equal Pay Act 1970
The Equal Pay Act of 1970 is simply where both women and men receive the same pay.
This also includes benefits, pension contributions, childcare allowances, sickness benefits, car allowances and bonuses.
Thorpe Park needs to make sure that the same or similar jobs that men and women do, get paid equally.
For benefits, childcare allowances, sickness benefits and car allowances, Thorpe Park have to make sure they provide these perks, benefits and allowances etc. equally to their employees of men and women.
Disability Discrimination Acts 1995 and 2005
For the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, this Act makes it unlawful for a…