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Unit 30 Visual merchandising checklist for portfolioTASKDescriptionEvidence1 P1Describe the different types of retail outlets today and how
visual merchandising techniques are used in three different
types of retail outlet to promote a specific range of goods.Introduction and desrciption of how Retail
has changed from 1950’s to todayHow visusal merchandising is is used in retail
firm 1
How visusal merchandising is is used in retail
firm 2
How visusal merchandising is is used in retail
firm 3
Task 2: Display AnalysisInterview the head of visual merchandising for a chosen retail
outlet to find out how they analyse the success of their visual
merchandising techniques.How does firm 1 analyse how successful their
VM is
M1• Compare this to techniques used by two other retail outlets.How does firm 2 analyse how successful their
VM isHow does firm 3 analyse how successful their
VM is
• Describe how the techniques are different for the retail outlets Compare between the three firms
and how they contribute towards increased sales of the
How does this help the sales of the
businessesMake sure you have photos
Task 3: Use of Space• Investigate the use of sales floor space for your chosen
organisation and two others.P2Create floor plans for firm 1
Create floor plans for firm 2• Create an annotated floor plan that describes how the retail
space is used to promote goods in each of the outlets.Create floor plans for firm 3compare to each other
• Describe how the use of space is different compared to the
other outlets.add photos• Illustrations to support the above should be included.
Task 4: Psychology in Visual
MerchandisingExplain how three retail outlets use psychology through their
visual merchandising and display techniques to encourage
customers to purchase.P3Task 5: Analysis of Psychology
and Space used in Visual