BUS 365 WK 6 Quiz 5 Chapter 7,8 – All Possible Questions To Purchase Click Link Below: http://strtutorials.com/BUS-365-WK-6-Quiz-5-Chapter-78-All-Possible-Questions-BUS3657.htm

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BUS 365 WK 6 Quiz 5 Chapter 7,8 – All Possible QuestionsTo Purchase Click Link Below:http://strtutorials.com/BUS-365-WK-6-Quiz-5-Chapter-78-All-Possible-Questions-BUS3657.htm
BUS 365 WK 6 Quiz 5 Chapter 7,8 – All Possible Questions

Chapter 07

Multiple Choice

1. How can handheld mobile computing devices and technology significantly improve performance in the healthcare systema) Make it easier and faster to get prescriptions
b) Reduce the preventable errors made by healthcare providers
c) Reduce the need for emergency medical care
d) All of the above

2. Electronic prescription systems (EPSs) offer huge potential benefits, but several obstacles are slowing the adoption of these systems. Which of the following is not one of those obstaclesa) the high start-up financial investment
b) insufficient knowledge of the EPS concepts
c) widespread EPS technology standardization
d) resistance from healthcare providers

3. Which is not one of the three dominant PC operating systems (OSs)a) Apple
b) Java
c) Linux
d) Microsoft Windows

4. Writing apps for handheld devices, such as smartphones, is __________.
a) easy because only a few lines of code are needed
b) easy because the devices have limited features
c) difficult because of many different models and OSs
d) about the same as writing apps for computers.

5. The mobile computing and commerce environment relies on two basic approaches to Internet connectivity: short range wireless technologies such as __________ and longer range telecommunications technologies such as __________.
a) Wi-Fi; WiMAX
b) WiMAX; 4G
c) 3G; 4G
d) 4G; Wi-Fi

6. End users can access a WLAN with their laptops, desktops, or PDAs by adding a(n) __________.
a) 4G network
b) Internet protocol
c) access point
d) wireless network card

7. Which of the following is not a characteristic of Wi-Fia) Most laptops today rely on Wi-Fi technology that require being in range of at least one…