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ETH/321 Week 2
The Intruder Case
Roddy Kelley
Nelson BarnesIs the intruder liable for what he has done? Why or why not The intruder is at risk for what he have intended and tried to do, Sharon’s and Darryl’s convict was highly correct, as no one can enter the premises and that on after insider’s conflict. The intruder has committed a very high surreal mistake. Sharon and Darryl can easily case a file because Sharon has never gave consent to enter the premises and on those grounds it is an act of trespassing. Sharon and Darryl can explain the complete scenario about the happening with liable quotes and facts and moreover few evidences. In the contrary option if the gate crasher have not crashed the locks of the side way then the event might not have took place and these scenario may not have been aroused. The Situation may also have not occurred if the locks were better than just the sideway doors which would never let the intruder enter the premises and the chaos may not have occurred.
Do you have legal responsibilities to Sharon and Darryl Being the landlord I have certain legal responsibilities towards Sharon and Darryl, and as is it stated under rental agreement: it is my act or duty to provide a mobile home to the tenant and is safe and have suitable living conditions and make suitable repairs whenever required which is though depends on the type of lease. One of the basics is to respect the rights of the tenant. One of the key things to understand is that by giving them possession under money deals, then its mandatory to provide a living environment without interfere. It means that I have no rights to enter the tenant’s premises every time and especially in the odd hours which may considered as irresponsible act. Timely inspection is allowed though when provided with a written consignment.
Increasing or decreasing rents distinctively without any notice to the tenant is not legal is any ways, and any kind of violence…