BTEC Level 2 Unit 23 D1

Posted by admin on January 6, 2018 in Articles

There are a lot of websites out there that have extremely good designs which are accessible, organised, navigated through easily, good layout and colours. I’m going to review for all these techniques. Accessibility
Use Of Buttons
Use Of Animation
And Use Of Forms
Use Of colour
How did the website doThe TFL website is looking very clear with contrast between text and background and good font with suitable size. However it does not have options such as making text bigger or high contrast which people with bad vision need. This is really is not a really big issue but it’s a fact that 1/10 people have bad vision.
The navigation on the website is really easy to use and navigate through. There are hyperlinks, buttons and rollover buttons.
The website has couple of interactive features such as having a search bar and also there is a feature that allows you to plan your journey where you type the station you want to go from to whichever station you want to go to. There are also dropdowns roll- overs etc.
There are a lot of buttons on the website which take you different sections of the website. The buttons are well structured in suitable place.
There are no animations.
There is a search box where you can insert text and also there are boxes where you can type the station you are travelling from to the station you want to travel to.
The layout of the website is plain and clear and by this I mean the navigation bar is below the logo and banner on the top and there are images and sections you can go to bellow this. The website looks very clear and user friendly.
The colour used on the website is very suitable. The navigation bar is in black with white text which makes it stand out. The background colour of the page is white which makes the images and the black text on it stand out. Overall it looks user friendly.
Overall the website is professionally…