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Student nr: 07718489IOP3703Assignment 1: 584412
1CAREER PSYCHOLOGYSTUDENT NR: 7718489MODULE CODE: IOP3703/101SEMESTER 2ASSIGNMENT 01 UNIQUE NUMBER: 584412 Student nr: 07718489IOP3703Assignment 1: 584412
What is the meaning of career success in the changing world of work? How does
the concept of career success relate to career motivation and career maturity(15)
Career success can be defined as the actual or observed achievements
individuals have gathered as a result of their work. Career success means
different things to different people, more value on balanced life & success not
only in terms of work contributions but family, community & self-contributions.
The manner in which persons describes career success do influences their
career decisions strongly. To some it means becoming an expert in their
occupational field and too other promotions. Some think of a successful career
as one in which a person has developed many different skills and abilities and is
applying those abilities to help other people develop and grow. Success can also
be social contribution. Career success according to me is not only the
achievements but also advancements or progress made towards fulfilling your
dreams and career goals.
Career success is the impartial and biased sense of achievement persons
experience regarding their careers. People’s sense of job satisfaction and career
satisfaction are meaningfully related to their sense of career well-being. The most
frequently quoted positive career experiences are career changeovers,
interpersonal relations, having independence and power, work performance,
drive, learning and growth opportunities and work-life balance. Negative career
experiences include interpersonal relations, lack of feedback or credit from
others, organisational change, unfair treatment, dislike of ethics or morals…