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This document covers the ethical leadership traits and self-evaluation of ethical leadership based on ethical leadership inventory.
A1. Ethical leadership traits
In following section, I have covered some of the ethical leadership traits of Mr. Kenneth Chennault, Chairman and CEO of American Express.
Kenneth began his career in American Express as a consultant and promoted to the top position in corporate ladder as CEO and Chairman, with his constant ethical leadership practices.
According to interview published by Collis, C (2014), Kenneth articulated below key career incidences which really shaped his career as ethical leader and helped him promoted to the top position in American Express.
Integrity and Trust: Integrity is the fundamental and key principle of ethical leadership. As per Kenneth, integrity means consistency of words and action and to build the trust in people leader needs to exhibit consistency of word and action.
Kenneth was able to build the trust in 150 year old, bureaucratic organization by consistently delivering on what he promised and able to motivate people for bigger vision in the interest of the company.
Vison: After assuming CEO position, Kenneth articulated clear and galvanizing vision for American Express. In 1980, he turned around the merchandize business process by supplying and distributing it through mails. He expressed and convinced his vision for more flexible and sustainable delivery process to key departments in American Express like operations, marketing and customer service and created streamlined and long lasting business processes. This helped American Express to focus on individual customer needs, faster delivery and greater value added services to the customer.
Service: Kenneth believed and demonstrated ethical leadership by building trust and providing greater service to American Express customers. He was firm believer of doing business with ethics and providing service…