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William Robinson
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September 2015
Cell Phones Are Dooming Us Our world is full of ingenious technology. Cell phones enable users to have access to thousands of resources and connect with anybody, at any time. The list of technology is limitless, however cell phones are the most widely owned and used. Cell phones have infatuated people with their ease of use. Users have the ability to make a quick call to a friend or relative or shoot a text to their boss in a matter of a few seconds. There is a dark side to cell phones, however. They are creating very bad habits such as declining attentiveness, hindering interaction skills, and causing users to procrastinate more frequently.
Awareness is a skill that develops over time. Its original intent was to be aware of any threat nearby. Being aware requires focus and little to no distraction. Cell phones provide a huge distraction. Reading tweets or looking at Instagram photos, for example remove one from the reality of what is going on around them, leaving them figuratively blind to what is happening. One second glancing down at a cell phone while driving could result in a traumatic, life changing accident. A mother outside could be playing with her three year old daughter. She could get distracted for a couple of seconds on her cell phone and look up to see her child struck by a vehicle in the street. Cell phones provide a huge distraction and the negligence they promote can be fatal.
Humans rely on social interaction to supplement a content life. Interaction consists of verbal and nonverbal communication. Cell phones provide an easy medium to communicate with one another via phone call, email, or text message. Cell phones, however, do not provide physical, face-to-face interaction that was once mandatory in order to communicate with someone. Awkward interactions and suppressed verbal skills are a common sight amongst the younger generation.
Distraction is commonly…