BIS 221

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Lynette Nicole Burnett
LAURI FIGUEROAEthics and Privacy Paper
After reading Chapter 4 of Introduction to Information Systems: Information Security discuss about a business partnership that made the mistake of underestimate information security. They risked their company just for one simple mistake; not protecting the company information system files. This kind of situation can happen to anyone, but if one is informed enough to know the risks involved with privacy protection; crucial information can be stored and even the company could be safe from having their information fall into the wrong hands and monitored to prevent any fail safes.
In the team discussion we shared opinion and thoughts about this kind of issue. We concluded that privacy protection should be a priority in anyone business and or systems of personal use. We further discuss the Ethics and privacy and how they relate to information security, failing to protect important files containing sensitive information of an individual will conclude a fail-safe for the business and their customer’s information possible at risk.
My personal response from the team discussion on information security was while is it very important in the workplace, the data system not only house the company information but their employees as well. Such things like Social Security numbers and addresses are at risk for potential “hackers” or “others”, without such system in place I believe its goes against an individual rights to their privacy due to their information being exposed.
Information security goes further out then system IT let’s take a moment and reflect on an employee retrieving a phone call and on that other line we have a male who wants information on his wife working. All employees should be trained that giving information over the phone is against policy rules one should have the understanding of ethical implication. Overall businesses need to…